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Thank You For Playing!

Please see a list of frequently asked questions here to address any common concerns. If there is anything else, please feel free to contact us directly here

Is there an app I can download?

Not right now. The game is only available online and can be accessed through this site. If in the future there is an app, we will put a link on this site as well as make a public post on our social platforms. Please follow to stay posted. 

How do you have Josh and Griffin in the game? 

We partnered with the Sway House cast to develop this game. It's all in good fun!

Can we get in contact with Josh and Griffin? 

Unfortunately, not. We do not disclose contact information for the Sway House team. Please feel free to reach out directly. 

Are you affiliated with any other stories based games such as Episodes or Choices? 

No. The company that owns Sway Stories is called Playco. We develop games of our own. 

How can I save my progress? 

As long as you are playing the game from the same browser on your phone or desktop, your progress will be locally stored. If for any reason it is not, we apologize in-advance for the inconvenience!

How much is the premium subscription plan and how does it work?

We have different promotions running at different times. But our subscription plan will auto renew unless you cancel. 

What do I get with a subscription?

By becoming a Sway Stories Supporter, you get access to premium features such as personality selection as well as navigation options. You will also get exclusive access to content before anyone else. 

Is there a link where I can subscribe directly? 

No, unfortunately, in order to become a Sway Stories Supporter, you need to go through the game and opt-in. 

How do I cancel a subscription? 

If you open the game, on the bottom right corner, you will see a ... which will take you to the subscription settings. If you are having any trouble with this, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help!

Do I have to pay for future episodes?

No, absolutely not! All episodes are free to view. However, release dates and conditions will vary. The premium subscription only enhances the user experience and gives a variety of other features not available to regular users, in addition to exclusive content. 

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